Health Literacy & Information for only 10%? {Infographic}

Health Literacy Data:healthlit

  1. Only 10 percent of adults have the knowledge and skills needed to understand important information about their health. (NECS, 2003)
    1. Our access to health services and informed health decision-making are dependent on this information. So what about the other 90 percent?
  2. More than 3 out of 4 adults have looked for health or medical information (NCI HINTS, 2007.)
  3. 8 in 10 Internet users have searched for health information online. (Pew Internet, 2011.)

Imagine if all of these searches resulted in clear, actionable information – information that could be used in everyday life. We all want – and deserve – plain language information about our health!

Thank to our friends at CommunicateHealth, sharing latest infographic on Health literacy.


 - An Infographic from CommunicateHealth

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