Can Social Media be the NEW script for Patient Counselling? RECAP hosted an exciting Twitter #Carerx event on Wednesday, February 13th at 8pm CT. The topic focused on the role of pharmacists in patient care, education and social media “#Carerx Chat – Pharmacy Social Media – NEW script for Patient Care? Our special guest: Dr Ome Ogbru is the founder and CEO of a fast growing healthcare social network, RxeConsult.

By the end of the 60 minutes that day, data from showed that out conversation made 55976 impressions and reached 5110 people.

carerx #Carerx courtesy of Symplur

Before we get to the chat recap, a little information about #Carerx chat.

  • #Carerx is a Twitter chat for pharmacists, pharmacy students, pharmacy advocates, healthcare professional discussing a range of topics such as health literacy, medication literacy, pharmacy, health care, technology and social media and communities.
  • With team of pharmacists, physicians and caregivers, our goal was to use #Carerx chat as a platform to discuss and educate caregivers, patients, healthcare extender and offer medication literacy insights and medication management strategies, which is a huge challenge for caregivers.

Now, back to #Carerx chat summary: Below are the questions that framed our #Carerx chat with Dr Ogbru.

  1. What is social media or healthcare social media #hcsm & why pharmacists should care?
  2. According to article 1 in 4 physicians uses #hcsm daily, looking up medical information, any data on pharmacists?
  3. How can pharmacists to use social media  health initiatives, patient education, etc with patient privacy laws?
  4. With a plethora of potentially misleading knowledge available on the internet, how can pharmacists make an impact?
  5. What guidance does #pharmacists have? Any social media guidelines, concerns for legal issues, reputation?
  6. What social media (#hcsm) tools are available for pharmacist’s & how can we collaborate with other and make an impact?
  7. Any advice, tips for pharmacy students & interns on the use of social media?

To get the live chat, get the transcript here or get the version of the chat below. We thank Symplur for making the transcript possible.

What is the future of patient care in the world of healthcare social media? How can pharmacists make impact with all the skills and knowledge they have?  Share them below. Want to serve as guest or suggest future topics? Click here.


#Carerx Chat Recap: Pharmacy Practice, Patientcare & Social Media hosted a 60 minutes of #Carerx chat, twitting with our special guest @rxeconsult Dr Ogbru, founder, RxeConsult as we dissected the topic “Pharmacy, Social Media & Patient Care. Missed our chat & ongoing conversations, please search #Carerx and join right in.

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#PharmDs embracing #socialmedia? Join #Carerx Chat, Wed, 2/13, 8pm CT w/@RxEconsult. #Pharmacists role in #hcsm & #patientcare #pharmchatGold Erowele, PharmD
#Carerx chat w/@DrOgbru in less than 15mins…tweeting about #pharmacist role in #some #hcsm #patientcare #meded #healthlit #carerxGold Erowele, PharmD
Hello and good evening to #carerx chat #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
Good evening everyone #carerxRxEconsult
My name is Dr Erowele #caregiver #pharmd moderator of #carerx. #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
If you are joining us, welcome and please introduce yourself, where you from, what you do, etc #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
#Carerx is cordinated by, all about #caregiving #social health #medication literacy #healthlit #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
we are chatting about #pharmacists role in #hcsm, #patientcare collaborating with #patients #caregivers #hcps #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
All are welcome, join, contribute, add, tweet. Other #chats tonight, we might see delays #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
I am @DrOgbru CEO of @RxEconsult Healthcare Network. Thank you Dr Erowele for inviting me. #carerxRxEconsult
Thank you for joining us…#hcsm is part of #health #medicine #patientcare #communication, tell us a bit about your background #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
what is @rxeconsult? #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
Started in academia, then pharmacuetical industry, now building a healthcare social network company. #carerxRxEconsult
We welcome all lurkers and those sending DMs…join us #pharmacists #patientcare #medicine #health #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
RxEconsult is healthcare network where businesses and professionals share knowledge, network, increase their visibility #carerxRxEconsult
Members share their knowledge through articles and other content #carerxRxEconsult
so a clinical pharmacist, #entrepreneur #founder @rxeconsult #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
As a #pharmacist, why do you think #pharmacist should care about #hcsm? #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
Here are some of the reasons why pharmacists should use #hcsm. Share their knowledge, learn, educate patients #carerxRxEconsult
educate colleagues, share and collaborate, increase visibility for the profession, move healthcare forward. #carerxRxEconsult
Also use #hcsm to find opportunities such as jobs or customers for a business. #carerxRxEconsult
According to article 1 in 4 MDs uses #some daily, any data on pharmacist? #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
@RxEconsult provides all these opportunities. #carerxRxEconsult
I have not seen pharmacist #hcsm data. #carerxRxEconsult
We are conducting a survey to raise awareness about pharmacists and use of social media. #carerxRxEconsult
Please complete and share with your colleagues if it is applicable to you. #carerxRxEconsult
@RxEconsult how are you promoting #pharmacy survey re: #pharmacists use of #hcsm? @pharmacists @ashpofficial #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
According to article 1 in 4 MDs uses #some daily, any data on pharmacist? I see opportunity for #pharmacists #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
Survye is promoted via Linkedin groups, twitter, contacting colleges #carerxRxEconsult
What guidance do #pharmacists have for educating #epatients #providers? #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
Do you think #pharmacists concerns stem from liability #hippa #privacy laws #reputation? #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
@ashpofficial published a statement #carerxRxEconsult
Share helpful information through articles like this one #carerxRxEconsult
Use social media to support, educate, and extend the healthcare conversation without revealing specific patient information. #carerxRxEconsult
@CTPharmacists @PharmTweetChat @UFCWRx @theangrypharm Survey on #pharmacists use of social media #hcsm #carerx Erowele, PharmD
All of the reasons you mentioned worry pharmacist #carerxRxEconsult
#pew report – #caregivers #patients online for #health #medical #medication information, who is educating them on info, the right 1? #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
By sharing information, helpful resources, avoiding revealing patient identifiers. #carerxRxEconsult
@ashpofficial statement on #socialmedia & #pharmacists #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
They can write articles, give perspective on #healthcare news, correct mistakes on websites. #carerxRxEconsult
@RxEconsult we educate patients everyday by sharing our knowledge. Articles are indexed by search engines and available to everyone. #carerxRxEconsult
With a plethora of potentially misleading knowledge available on the Internet, how can #pharmacists make an impact? #patientsafety #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
gr8, just provide timely, accurateRT @RxEconsult: By sharing information, helpful resources, avoiding revealing patient identifiers. #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
This is where pharmacists can make the biggest impact by sharing their knowledge, directing patients to reputable resources. #carerxRxEconsult
How can #pharmacists collaborate with other #hcps #mds #nurses to impact #patientcare via #hcsm #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
They can help websites correct erroneous information. #carerxRxEconsult
By far the greatest impact pharmacists and all health professionals can make is to start contributing. #carerxRxEconsult makes it easy for all healthcare people to share their knowledge and move healthcare forward. #carerxRxEconsult
We do have #pharmacists making an impact, educating, sharing like what you w/@rxeconsult. #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
At, using #hcsm to educate #caregivers on #medication #healthlieracy #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
Yes there are several #pharmd sharing on the internet like #caregivers. We need many more to join. #carerxRxEconsult
medical schools are adding #hcsm #socialmedia as part of curriculum. Any tips for pharmacy students & interns? #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
Get involved, ask questions, jump in, contribute to the healthcare conversation. #carerxRxEconsult
Make new connections, use #hcsm to learn and build your career. #carerxRxEconsult
#Pharmacists Influencing #Healthcare Using Social Media #HCSM #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
what are the potential downfalls of #hcsm for #pharmacists, any? #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
I do not see downfall if approached professionally and common rules are observed. #carerxRxEconsult
#pharmacists to incorporate #hcsm to practice #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
@giasison Welcome Dr, thank for joining us. tweeting about #pharmacists and #hcsm #patientcare #meded #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
Used properly #hcsm adds a new dimension to care #carerxRxEconsult
what advice for #pharmacy students for professional use of #hcsm? #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
@rxeconsult can you share your experience, lessons learned from creating #socialnetwork @rxeconsult/ #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
For students learn about pharmacy profession, network, publish and build your resume. #carerxRxEconsult
Growth of online communities for patients. gr8 pportunity for these communities to be integrated with #pharmacists education #meded #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
Do see a need for #socialmedia education #pharmacists #hcps #students due to lawsuits but #hcsm is #healthcare #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
Lets recruit new and continue to shape the way #pharmacists effectively utilize #socialmedia We build it, #pharmacist will follow #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
There is plenty of opportunity in patient communities for pharmacists to contribute. #carerxRxEconsult
Schools can incorporate #hcsm in medical information courses or as electives #carerxRxEconsult
#pharmacists need to be part of #hcsm to FURTHER help with #healthcare challenges improve patient care and outcomes reduces cost #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
Our patients are online #socialmedia getting #healthinfo for #patiesafety #pharmacists needs to join in #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
Yes we build it pharmacists will follow. Keep up the good work @carerxpharmd #carerxRxEconsult
any exciting things coming from @rxeconsult #social network? share with others #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
i say make #hcsm part of medical communication course madantory @tedmed addressing this issue as #greatchallenges for #medstudents #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
#pharmacists, check out @PhilBaumann , RN & run @healthissocial – @rnchat – @md_chat #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
We have many planned. Including an official faculty team, affiliate network is available, and some enhancements to the platform. #carerxRxEconsult
#pharmacists check out @kevinmd Physician, author, keynote speaker, Social socialmedia leading #physician voice. #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
#pharmacists check out @DrOgbru founder @rxeconsult #pharmacist #socialmedia #advocate #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
We are concentrating on building awareness, great content, and finding new ways to engage healthcare professionals. #carerxRxEconsult
Any closing statement….coming to end of part 1 of #carerx chat w/@DrOgbru founder @rxeconsult #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
Share healthcare knowledge and move healthcare forward. #carerxRxEconsult
As a #pharmacist, excited about your #socialmedia activities at @RxEconsult Great work, helping propel #pharmacy practice forward #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
Thank you for inviting me. #carerxRxEconsult
Great article about 3 #pharmacists and how they do it in #hcsm #caregiving #meded #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
Keep up your #hcsm activities. #carerxRxEconsult
Thank for all the info, Good luck with @rxeconsult. part 2 of #Carerx chat coming up…anytime #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
28,015 impressions check out the reach of #CARERX. WOW #CARERXGold Erowele, PharmD
Thank you. #carerxRxEconsult
Tweets about #carerx have reached 5,110 people via @tweetreachappGold Erowele, PharmD
#Carerx chat: #pharmacists & #socialmedia reach & impressions @pharmacists @ASHPOfficial @rxeconsultGold Erowele, PharmD

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