Can Social Media be the NEW script for Patient Counselling? RECAP hosted an exciting Twitter #Carerx event on Wednesday, February 13th at 8pm CT. The topic focused on the role of pharmacists in patient care, education and social media “#Carerx Chat – Pharmacy Social Media – NEW script for Patient Care? Our special guest: Dr Ome Ogbru is the founder and CEO of a fast growing healthcare social network, RxeConsult.

By the end of the 60 minutes that day, data from showed that out conversation made 55976 impressions and reached 5110 people.

carerx #Carerx courtesy of Symplur

Before we get to the chat recap, a little information about #Carerx chat.

  • #Carerx is a Twitter chat for pharmacists, pharmacy students, pharmacy advocates, healthcare professional discussing a range of topics such as health literacy, medication literacy, pharmacy, health care, technology and social media and communities.
  • With team of pharmacists, physicians and caregivers, our goal was to use #Carerx chat as a platform to discuss and educate caregivers, patients, healthcare extender and offer medication literacy insights and medication management strategies, which is a huge challenge for caregivers.

Now, back to #Carerx chat summary: Below are the questions that framed our #Carerx chat with Dr Ogbru.

  1. What is social media or healthcare social media #hcsm & why pharmacists should care?
  2. According to article 1 in 4 physicians uses #hcsm daily, looking up medical information, any data on pharmacists?
  3. How can pharmacists to use social media  health initiatives, patient education, etc with patient privacy laws?
  4. With a plethora of potentially misleading knowledge available on the internet, how can pharmacists make an impact?
  5. What guidance does #pharmacists have? Any social media guidelines, concerns for legal issues, reputation?
  6. What social media (#hcsm) tools are available for pharmacist’s & how can we collaborate with other and make an impact?
  7. Any advice, tips for pharmacy students & interns on the use of social media?

To get the live chat, get the transcript here or get the version of the chat below. We thank Symplur for making the transcript possible.

What is the future of patient care in the world of healthcare social media? How can pharmacists make impact with all the skills and knowledge they have?  Share them below. Want to serve as guest or suggest future topics? Click here.