3 Free Resources to Keep You “Fiscally” Fit

QUESTION: Are you “fiscally” fit?


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Saving money, clipping coupons, scouting deals online and watching every dollar is so fashionably in for shrewd moms, caregivers and sandwich generation families who are making financial decisions.  According to a the 10th anniversary edition of Prudential Research Study “Financial Experience & Behaviors Among Women“, the data indicates that

  • 95% of women are the financial decision-makers in their households
  • 57% of women say the market plunge has led them to become more cautious with their money
  • 86% believe they do not know how to choose financial products
  • 51% are not knowledgeable about generating income in retirement


If you are among the 104 million people in the U.S. who own a Smartphone’s and part of the 50% of Smartphone users who have downloaded an apps (comScore, 2012), then you have access of these resources.

Below, we list 3 online financial resources we found to be quite helpful.  There are free!

  • DailyWorth:  In 2009, DailyWorth launched as an online community that helps women earn more, save more and spend smarter. Their mission to become the go-to resource for tips and information on financial literacy and money management. Started as a daily e-mail newsletter with advice on personal finance for women, DailyWorth wants  you to not only “know your worth”, they have created other resources such as MoreWorth, which is a community of women living life and talking all about prosperity, passion and purpose and CreateWorth, dedicated to a community of entrepreneurs who talk revenue, profit and scale. Their motto is to give “practical tips, empowering ideas and the occasional kick in the pants”. As a registered member, you will receive daily free newsletter —all free, all delivered to your inbox.


  • Mint – Launched in 2005, Mint.com is a free web-based financial management tool that makes it easy to understand what going on with your hard earns dollars. They pride themselves as a resource that helps anyone get a handle on their expenses, finances and money by organizing and categorizing spending on their site.  Mint currently only supports financial institutions based in the United States  and Canada.  As a registered member, one get to see where every dime goes and make money decisions. It was voted by CNN Money  “6 Best Banking & Budget Apps” (2012) and Kiplinger’s: “Best Online Money-Management Tools” (2012). As of March 2012, Mint.com indicated having over 10 million users.


  • Learnvest is another online platform that helps women organize their finances and learn how to become financially savvy.  Just like Mint.com, you can link  your banking and credit-card accounts in order to monitor your income and spending. There’s even a section called Living Frugally, a title that resonates in an era when living within our means is the key to living well. In 2011, Time Magazine named LearnVest as one of the “50 Websites That Make the Web Great.” In October, they launched their first free iPhone app.

How you stay “fiscally” fit? Share you favorite site or ways you save and track your income and spending. Like this post?