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How To Talk Before You Take Any Medication

A new study shows that there are gaps in communication between healthcare providers and patients about the benefits and potential risks of prescription medicines. Nearly half of Americans take a prescription medicine, and over 20% of Americans take at least three. Yet, research shows that approximately 62% of patients and caregivers are not aware of […]

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#CareRx – Jan 24th – When Cost of Medications Are Too High For Patients – No Adherence, Outcomes

Facts about rising costs of medication that will make one scream! The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 10 million people die each year because they can’t afford the life-saving medicines they need. Meanwhile millions more are pushed into poverty and debt trying to pay for the medicines they need. CareNovate is proud to support […]

How To: Food Intolerance, Food Allergies & Anaphylaxis

The Differences: Food Intolerance, Food Allergies & Anaphylaxis Before we dive into the difference between the aforementioned topic: food intolerance and food allergies, I will like to explain what the term anaphylaxis means. Anaphylaxis (pronounced ana–fuh–lak-sis) is a serious allergic reaction that happens quickly and may cause death. Anaphylaxis can occur as a result of […]

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The Role of Hashtag in Patient Care

This post is part of a new health talk series, insights on the role of social media, hashtags & their impact & role in supporting patient care, advocates and in healthcare. The series will feature several experts, bloggers and popular twitter chat curators. To learn join the conversation, click here.  We are honored to feature Alisa Hughley, […]

Risk and benefits of medications for pregnant and breastfeeding women less complex for health care professionals

Exciting news for moms, expecting moms, health care professionals and patients from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – there are new set of rule that will provide a consistent way for drug manufacturers to provide information about the risks and benefits of prescription drug and biological products used during pregnancy and lactation (the medical […]

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Texas Medical Center + Village Capital = Digital Health Startups Program

Texas Medical Center (TMC) is the largest medical complex in the world, joins forces with Village Capital for the VilCap USA: Health IT 2014 program, which will support early-stage businesses that are seeking digital health and business solutions to make healthcare more affordable and of a higher quality for all Americans. Below are the 12 startup companies selected for […]

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Medicaid, Why Such A Mystery?

By Sarah Schwarcz is the director of online marketing and communications at Senior Planning Services, an industry leader in guiding seniors and their families through the Medicaid maze. Sarah loves bargain hunting, tweets incessantly, and volunteers weekly at the local Meals-on-Wheels. Caregiving for an elderly parent is one of the most challenging duties we are […]

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The Role of Social Media in Patient Care – Part 1

Health Seitzer specializes in elder care content, and has written for AARP, Reader’s Digest, HuffPost50, and other related online publications. She is the co-moderator and co-founder of’s #ElderCareChat on Twitter, which has enjoyed great success in connecting and informing caregivers, care professionals and other elder care advocates over its 4-year history. Seitzer was also […]

CareNovate Magazine Hosts Impact80 Virtual Summit For Caregivers During National Family Caregivers Month 2014

Houston, Texas — November 8th, 2014 —  #Impact80 Summit, a conference created for  family & professional caregivers by CareNovate Magazine caregiver’s and health care professional team, returns for Fall during National Family Caregiver’s Month 2014, celebrated across the country every November. Impact80 Virtual Summit is a one day online event and will bring together caregivers, patients, physicians, […]

Patient & Medication Safety – Can Use of Checklists Help?

I had the incredible honor of co-hosting the every growing,  fast trending with actionable information, #Healthxph Tweetchat, today April 11th. which is a collaborative effort by healthcare stakeholders to discuss/use, emerging tech in social media & healthcare to positively impact the landscape. The topic today was all about patient and medication safety checklists. We […]