High-Tech Innovations, New Face of Medical Care

By Amiya Foster With emerging technologies in medical field, patients can access physicians, providers and specialists in no time. This innovation has enhanced the patient-doctor relationship and enabled on-demand treatment a reality, breaking barriers to health care services. Innovative techniques like electronic disease monitoring, information management, webcam counseling, virtual diagnosis, telemedicine

Why You Need Access To Your Personal Medical Health Records

medical health records

Guest Contributor: Jenny Richards Online personal health records continue to be adopted by various medical facilities owing to the numerous benefits that they provide. They improve the quality of care that patients receive by making it easier for them to access preventative care. They also make it possible for information pertaining

Why Health Care Professionals Need Social Media Training Program?

With more than 40 percent of consumers getting their health information via social media and another 41 percent of people indicating that social media would affect their choice of doctor, hospital or medical facility, it may be time for health care professionals to invest in a tutorial program that offer best